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Randwick Petersham Cricket has an official supporters group called Randwick Petersham Cricket Legends Society. The purpose of the Society is to provide a support base to the players and the club while providing a fun way of maintaining friendship links between all our members. It has been going ever since the club came into being in 2001. Last season we had a total of 104 members and we are anxious to increase this number as we enter 2017-18, our 17th season. Already there has been quite a bit of interest since last season. Membership is open to anyone who is keen to be a supporter of Randwick Petersham Cricket which is just about all of us!!

Members are kept up-to-date (through email, Facebook and twitter) with all current happenings in the club and on the field and receive invitations to Legends functions and other club events. Members also receive a copy of the comprehensive 130 pages annual report each year. We have a “Legends Day” at Coogee Oval during the season which is always a great day of catching up with everyone. Visits to the club’s museum at the top of the Coogee Oval grandstand which continues to increase its many historic exhibits, has also proved to be of special interest to members and visitors alike.

Our members in 2016-17 were:

Alan Turner David Holland Harry Ellison Margaret Bayley Rodney Davison
Alan Vaughan David Kelly Ian Davis Mark Hughes Ross Davies
Alan Wright David Sincock Ian McNeilly Mark Preddey Ross Emerson
Allan Gear Dean White James Wynn Mark Sundin Royce McCormack
Barry Otto Denis Hinds John Benaud Michael Tresidder Shane Penson
Barry Wood Donn Ledwidge John Brewster Mike Whitney Shane Redenbach
Bob Duff Eddie Jones (Hon) John Connell Paul Davison Sir Wesley Hall (Hon)
Brad Timbrell Errol Sams John Hayward Paul Jackson Steve Devlin
Brett Hunter Fabian Heaton John Nesbitt Paul Ledwidge Steve Smith
Brian Baker Garry Castleman John Pearson Paul O’Loughlin Steve Sullivan
Brian Semple Garry Hughes John Soames Peter Devlin Sue Hill
Bruce Ramsay Gary Bensley John Sullivan Peter English (Hon) Terry Murphy
Bryan Hazell RIP Gary Mathew John Warwick Peter Harrison Tim Dein
Chris Burke Geoff Cartwright Joseph Hill Peter Johnston Todd Greenberg
Chris Sullivan Geoff Chegwyn Ken Devlin Peter Rolls Tom Regan
Chris York Glenn Farquharson Ken White Peter Taylor Tony Martin
Col Blackman Glenn Lynch Kevin Thomas Peter Wright Trevor Jay
Corey Pearson Gordon Owen Lawrie Daly Ray Chegwyn Wayne Heathcote
Daryl Parmenter Graeme Marston Lyall Gardner Richard CheeQuee Wayne Mulherin
David Chardon Grant Rimmer Madge Devlin Robin Gardner Wayne Tilley

The Legends 12 months “season” runs from 1 September each year. If you wish to join the above illustrious group, subs. are just $25 for the season (or $50 for this and the next which is a popular means of remaining financial). Payment may be made by sending your cheque made out to Randwick Petersham Cricket Legends Society to Lyall Gardner, 1 Jefferson Crescent, Bonnet Bay, 2226. Alternatively you can make a deposit directly into St George Bank Account: BSB 112 879 account no. 065424971 in the name of Randwick Petersham Cricket Legends Society. If you follow this method don’t forget to include a reference to your name so I can identify you. An email to me will also help.

This is a supporters group which is the envy of all other Sydney Grade clubs. Be a part of it by joining now!

Lyall Gardner

Chairman, Randwick Petersham Cricket Legends Society

Phone 02 9528 4126

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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